Giving is the 5th way to wellbeing. This is usually thought of as giving money, but volunteering is the giving of time.

Altruism, giving of time or money so that someone else benefits, is one of the most psychologically rewarding activities anyone can undertake.   Therefore, Members are encouraged to give their time, to volunteer when they are ready and able to do so.   This has benefits to the Recovery Republic, but volunteering is encouraged as a part of the processes of recovery as it is of benefit to the volunteer.

In the interest of equality, we don’t want Member volunteers, and a separate set of non-member volunteers. This has in the past caused complications which hindered the healing processes of the RR.

So, if you want to become a volunteer you have to be a Member first.   If your wellbeing is already good, then volunteering will protect this wellbeing; which is a useful way of looking at it.

Members can tell what they want to volunteer to do and we try to find an outlet for it.   This is why we have so many different activities with a volunteer as group leader.

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