5 ways to Wellbeing

Here are the 5 ways to wellbeing. Have a read, and then go ahead and take the quiz.

1. Connect

Being close to people and feeling valued is a basic need of every one of us. We offer opportunities to develop friendships and build connections with others. To learn listening skills and meet people with similar interests to build our own and your social skills to develop wider social networks.

2. Be Active

Emotional wellbeing is strongly linked with exercise and keeping active. This can be anything ranging from joining a walking group with like-minded people to accessing a low intensity exercise group. We welcome all ideas and offer a range of activities which we would encourage you to join in with us. We know it is easier to recover and prevent mental ill health across all age groups when people are active.

3. Take Notice

To notice means to strengthen awareness and focus on what is happening around you. This can support your personal wellbeing and enable you to prioritise what is important in life.

Savouring the moment enhances self-understanding and allows choices to be made which are positive and based on your beliefs and values. We offer opportunities for discussion, learning and offer mindfulness, relaxation, and supportive therapies.

4. Learn

We are a centre which offers the opportunity to have access to continuous learning. This can build your self- esteem, encourage opportunities and develop a more active life.

We offer accredited courses to support individuals linked to external partners such as WEA, Hopwood College and our own Flourishing Programme, which is designed to support you to understand your own condition and learn how to set goals to move forward and increase your wellbeing.

5. Give

We support participating in both the centre and local community through volunteering, being a member, and both receiving and offering support to others. We know to give can enable you to develop your own happiness. Doing this weekly will increase your personal wellbeing as well as supporting others.

Find out how you and your wellbeing are doing by taking our handy online quiz.

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