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Information for Visitors

Have you ever tried to be that slightly different person you know you can be? Have you ever tried giving up smoking, drinking or eating too much? Then possibly the single most important lesson to learn is “Nobody can do it for you, but you can’t do it without help”.The Recovery Republic (RR) is here to provide that help you need. You decide what you want to achieve, and we will do what we can to be the help you need.We don’t tell you what to do.
We don’t even advise you what to do.
We help you do what you want to do.

We have learned to be of help, on site, in:

Emotional wellbeing
Money management
Lifestyle behaviour change
Quitting Smoking
Work related health support

These seven processes are what is involved in, and what is called “Social Prescribing”. We don’t guide or take you to a place that does one of these, we do them all or we try, whatever you need.

We are concerned with your “Recovery” because your life is currently not the life you know you could have. It is “Republic” because we have different rules than the world outside. We know that all of us are equally worthy, it’s just that our lives have treated and nourished us unequally.We know that life outside can be thoughtless, and unkind. Here, in the RR, you will find a haven of calm, and affection. And we are not in a rush, you can be a Member as long, or as short, as you wish.How do you become a Member? Click here to get in touch.The Process:

You agree to complete a wellbeing questionnaire at entry and about every three months and agree to the simple code of conduct and that’s about it. If we could make it simpler, we would.

Information for Commissioners

The Directors of the RR are increasingly certain that the methodology of Asset Based Personal Development (ABPD) © within an ethos of affectionate egalitarianism is a novel and highly promising therapy complimenting the great Statutory Services of Health and of Care.

We have narratives and testimonies which demonstrate the reasons for our increasing certainty. Nonetheless we are aware that in handling of monies of the public purse that such qualitative proof, though interesting and informative, is inadequate in itself to result in Commissioners of Local Care Organisations recognising the quality (effectiveness, efficiency, assuredness) of the work we do.We therefore wish to begin to study the information and data leading to quantitative data and information and thereby to the statistical analysis and proof of method. However, the costs of such study lie beyond our financial capabilities. We will continue to look for funding for such study.Even within the small town of Heywood there are budgets for, and thereby employment of, a variety of “Link Workers”, to our knowledge about five such full-time posts. Were but one of these to be devoted to two-way transmission of data and information it is likely that this proof would be found within 18 months. NB the RR employs the NHS policies of confidentiality, so to assure the NHS that GDPR is observed identically within the RR as within the great statutory services.

What is now needed is to compare before and after studies of individuals who are of course known to the NHS and Social Services, before and after Membership of the RR. It is expected that it will be shown that the saving to the LCO will be greater than the expenditure of supporting the RR in the neighbourhood of Heywood and by extrapolation the Borough of Rochdale and beyond.

For further information, or to contact directors Mrs. Deborah Lyon & Dr. Michael Taylor,
please email [email protected]

What we do


The Recovery Garden

The recovery garden project aims to give ourmembers a wellness garden space to relaxand chill out.

Beliefs & Values

A system developed over time by the Members that must be adhered to as a Member of the RR.

5 ways to Wellbeing

Here are the 5 ways to wellbeing. Have a read, and then go ahead and take the quiz.

Social Prescribing

Social prescribing sometimes referred to as community referral, seeks to address people’s needs in a whole person way.


Giving is the 5th way to wellbeing. This is usually thought of as giving money, but volunteering is the giving of time.

Practical Spirituality

Moving forward and achieving goals. Words by Julie Kelly, Illustrations by Sam Ridgway-Hill

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